10 Best Crime-Thriller Hindi Web Series on MX Player

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Are you looking to watch action and crime thriller web series on MX Player in Hindi language? Then you are at the right place.

We are updating the best spine-chilling crime thriller web series of one of India’s leading online streaming platforms, or Video on Demand (VoD), platforms ‘MX Player’. All these web shows have a high IMDb rating,

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Top 10 Crime-Thriller Hindi Web Series on MX Player

We’ve personally watched many crime and action web series in Hindi and after that we’ve curated this best MX Player Hindi web series list. Here’s a list of bingeworthy crime-thriller web series released on the MX Player OTT platform in the recent time.

Top 10 Crime-Thriller MX Player Web Series List Hindi

10. Vadham (2021)

  • Episodes: 10
  • Seasons: 1
  • IMDb Rating: 6.7/10
  • Star Cast: Shruthi Hariharan, Ashwathy Warrier, Semmalar Annam and Vivek Rajgopal 

Vadham is a classic MX Player action-thriller web series, which is female-driven, will keep you glued to the seat to the end.

The police, politician and other influencers of the city shawere ken by the cold-blooded murder of a high-profile businessman. The high-profile case prompts the police to immediately investigate it. Shruthi Hariharan plays the role of inspector Sakthi.

Sakthi leads an all-women force of police officers to solve the case and get the criminals behind bars. The case isn’t as simple as it appears. Sakthi has to face many personal as well professional obstacles in her way.

Will inspector Sakthi able to solve the case? What are the problems in Sakthi’s private life? Will the criminals ever be convicted? To find out watch the Vadham web series in Hindi online on MX Player.

9. Raktanchal (2020)

  • Episodes: 18
  • Seasons: 2
  • IMDb Rating: 6.8/10
  • Star Cast: Kranti Prasad Jha, Nikitin Dheer, Soundarya Sharma

This show is for you if you enjoy actors abusing in the show with desi Katta in hand. You won’t be disappointed if you love crime dramas that are action-packed.

Raktanchal is a crime thriller Hindi web series on MX player based on real events. It focuses on the crime and violence in Purvanchal in east Uttar Pradesh during the 1980s. Waseem Khan and Vijay Singh are the two gang lords of  Varanasi. Vijay Singh tries to acquire the biggest state tenders to take on the crime lord, Waseem Khan. 

The state welfare is engulfed in political battles as the most powerful politicians seek their own gain. Vijay Singh must fight his personal battles against Waseem Khan to win.

To know more you can watch all Raktanchal series episodes in Hindi online only on MX Player.

8. Hello Mini (2019)

  • Episodes: 35
  • Seasons: 3
  • IMDb Rating: 8.1/10
  • Star Cast: Mrinal Dutt, Anuja Joshi, and Anshul Pandey

Hello Mini web series is a combination of romance and thriller that will leave you with creepy fear and goosebumps when you get out of your home the next time. This web series is one of the hottest and adult web series in mx player.

“Hello Mini” web series revolves around a 22-year-old girl Rivanah Banerjee (Mini) played by Anuja Joshi. She is a software engineer from Kolkata and moved to Mumbai in search of a new job.

The show becomes gripping when she finds out that someone is following her which makes her life both easy and miserable at the same time. He is always there, following her everywhere she goes even watching her in her private space. 

What will happen next? Is she in danger? You can find all the details online at MX Player. You can stream the entire 2 seasons of Hello Mini online on MX Player for free!

7. Chakravyuh – An Inspector Virkar (2021)

  • Episodes: 8
  • Seasons: 1
  • IMDb Rating: 7.4/10
  • Star Cast: Prateik Babbar, Simran Kaur Mundi, Ashish Vidyarthi and Shiv Panditt

MX Player presents to you a classic mouse & cat Hindi thriller drama series. The Chakravyuh – An Inspector Virkar Crime Thriller series reflects the dark side of social media & internet. Prateik Babbar plays the role of Inspector Virkar, a young and angry cop, who seeks justice for all those he can.

Inspector Virkar is called in when young college students are brutally murdered. Inspector Virkar discovers that blackmailers & anonymous hackers are operating online using social media sites to hunt young college students. Virkar tries to solve these outrageous murders cases with the help of a student counselor, one ethical hacker and his team,

Will inspector Virkar find the answers which he is looking on the dark web? Will he be able to solve the cases on time? Who is behind these outrageous killings? What was the motive for the murders?

To find out watch the latest Hindi web series Chakravyuh – An Inspector Virkar. You can watch the full episodes of Chakravyuh – An Inspector Virkar Crime Thriller online on MX Player.

6. High (2020)

  • Episodes: 9
  • Seasons: 1
  • IMDb Rating: 9.0/10
  • Star Cast: Ranvir Shorey, Akshay Oberoi, Nikhil Oberoi, and Shweta Basu Prasad

This mystery thriller web series revolves around 4 characters. Shiv Mathur (Akshay) a drug user comes to a rehab center for treatment and what he experienced there was magic. At there 3 doctors, Shweta, Nakul and Shridhar have developed a special drug named, “Magic” which is beneficial to the human body and brings magic to people’s lives. 

When it hits the market, people won’t be able to keep themselves away from it. It creates a disruption in the drug market, following this the drug lord Munna and Ghulam Bhai are behind them. The series further tell the story of how they overcome that situation.

Catch all the episodes of this latest MX Player web series, High, today and get high on the thrill yourself!

5. Cartel (2021)

  • Episodes: 14
  • Seasons: 1
  • IMDb Rating: 7.9/10
  • Star Cast: Ritwik Dhanjani, Divya Agarwal, Tanuj Virwani and Monica Dogra

Cartel presented by MX Player, the latest Hindi web series. Cartel is an action-drama and crime thriller web series and is about the journey of five Mumbai gang-lords.

Five gangs, which include Angre, Gajraj, Khan and Anna, and a mysterious movie producer who rule the low-profile underworld in Mumbai. While all five gangs operate in different parts of Mumbai city, One central force, an Iron Lady, keeps them under control and in order. Iron Lady, Rani Maai, sits on a throne overseeing the smooth running of events.

What would happen if Rani Maai was removed? Can the gangs coexist peacefully and harmoniously? How will the mafia group’s functioning change with a small tweak from the politicians, bureaucrats, police and businessmen?

To find out watch the latest Hindi web series, Cartel online on MX Player. Cartel is ideal to binge-watch during this weekend at home.

4. Ek Thi Begum (2020)

  • Episodes: 26
  • Seasons: 2
  • IMDb Rating: 9.0/10
  • Star Cast: Anuja Sathe, Ankita Mohan

Ek Thi Begum web series is a biographical action and crime thriller about Ashraf Bhatkar played by Anuja Sate. The story of this web series is based on how Ashraf takes revenge for her husband’s death from a notorious criminal  Maqsood (Ajay Gehi).

In order to take her revenge, she even goes to the dark world of narcotics. Her game of hiding & seeking ends when she goes exposed. To find out what happened to her, you’ve to watch this amazing show.

There are 2 seasons of this web series, released on the MX Player. The 1st season was released on April 8, 2020, and the second on September 30, 2021. This is one of the most viewed web series of MX Player.

3. Aashram (2020)

  • Episodes: 28
  • Seasons: 3
  • IMDb Rating: 7.4/10
  • Star Cast: Bobby Deol, Anupriya Goenka, and Chandan Roy Sanyal

Aashram, who was in the news after a group of people destroyed the sets of web series, Aashram and through the ink on web series director Prakash Jha. The series has three successful seasons and the fourth season’s production is on the way and will be released in 2023.

In the latest Hindi web series of MX Originals’ “Aashram 3”, streaming online on MX Player. Bobby Deol plays the role of a Guru, known by the name of Kashipur wale Baba Nirala, aka Monty who is known to do magic. A lot of people pray to him and come to him. As per them, Baba have all the knowledge and solution to every problem they are facing. And from crime to politics, Baba Nirala aka Monty soon becomes the Godly man. 

Catch the Aashram web series 3 full cast, Aashram story, and Hindi web series Aashram 3 episodes online, only on MX Player.

2. Bhaukaal (2020)

  • Episodes: 20
  • Seasons: 2
  • IMDb Rating: 7.8/10
  • Star Cast: Mohit Raina, Abhimanyu Singh, Bidita Baig

Bhaukaal web series is set in U.P’s Muzaffarnagar, where the main lead Naveen Sikhera (Mohit Raina) is transferred as SSP to clean the city from criminals and reestablish the law and order in the Muzaffarnagar.

In the series, Naveen tries his best to rid the city of terror from 2 notorious gangs (Dedha Brother gang and Shaukeen gang). He reforms the police force and captures all criminal attempts to take control of the Muzaffarnagar.

Will he be able to finish his task of cleaning the city from a ‘crime capital’ to a ‘peace capital’? Watch Bhaukaal season1 and season 2 today on MX Player to find out.

1. Matsya Kaand (2021)

  • Episodes: 11
  • Seasons: 1
  • IMDb Rating: 9.2/10
  • Star Cast: Ravi Kishan, Ravi Dubey, Pritam Jaiswal, Rajesh Sharma

Matsya Kaand is one of the best crime-thriller web series on MX player.

MX Player’s Hindi series Matsya Kaand is about the story of a con man (thief), Matsya Thanda who claims to be an artist and believes in using his power of words, charm and wit to get his way.

His team pulls off some of the most unique and biggest theft of the nation. They have a very simple plan: Find their target, prey upon them, then leave them & move to their next task. They are caught by fate when ACP Tejraj Singh, a tough cop, is assigned to capture Matsya along with his team.

Tejraj Singh is known as a hardworking police officer who never miss his target. He also go beyond the rules and system to catch the criminals or to get what he wants. This starts a game of the cat and mouse between Matsya & Tejraj. Matsya is meticulously planning his moves, but Tejraj seems to be getting closer to each one of his plans.

Will Tejraj be able to get to Matsya in time? Watch Matsya Kaand web series on MX Player.

Final Thoughts on 10 Best Crime-Thriller Web Series

We’ve watched all the above listed web shows & ranked them on our personal experience. Also, all of these are the highly ranked IMDb web series. We kept the description short and to the point because we don’t want to give you any spoilers

You can also take an eye on the other genres based Hindi dubbed web series list below.

Please feel free to leave your comments or any suggestions for us to add to our list of best crime-thriller web series Hindi on MX Player. We are always open to new ideas.

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